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Houten spelletje Geometric Fishes - Color - Babai


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we care for our planet – 100% recycled packaging

embracing all layers of life with you

Development of: imagination, spatial thinking, fine motor skills, geometric shapes

Details: 14 (12 fishes and 2 fishing rods)
Size: fish 59*24 mm
Size of package: 210*125*65mm
Material: birch plywood euro 1 standart based on the FSC wood, metal magnets / Color version coating: non-toxic water-based paint
Package: craft box, linen bag, paper case
Age: 3+
Once upon a time, far far into the sea, a small tiny fish lived. A small, pretty fish named a Star. Her best friends were little Triangle and cute funny Worm. They knew everything about their ocean or thougth that they knew. Old grandma Trapeze was their nanny. She taught them and their sea friends.

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